When Words Won’t Come: The Case for Writing Prompts

Here’s the thing. We’re all busy. If we’re not busy, writers are very good at “appearing to be busy.” For instance, here’s how I’ve been productive: Registered children for swimming Laundry More laundry Trips to Costco and the grocery store Hanging up pictures Painting my daughter’s room pink (my husband and parents got roped intoContinue reading “When Words Won’t Come: The Case for Writing Prompts”

Need Republishing Tips? Check Out the Scribbler Blog

Nothing is a better feeling as a writer than publishing your work. Unfortunately, sometimes it doesn’t stay easily accessible. Not being able to access or share your work can feel disheartening, to say the least. Has this happened to you? If so, head over to the Scribbler blog and check out my tips on republishingContinue reading “Need Republishing Tips? Check Out the Scribbler Blog”